International Harvester Collectors of Indiana Chapter 7

Meeting Minutes

Indiana Chapter #7 First Quarter Meeting

January 26, 2020

MCL Cafeteria, Indianapolis

Dawn opened the meeting with the mention of the passing of 2 IHCC members - Rosemary Zeller and Mary K Shutt of Pennsylvania. Health concerns were also mentioned for Randy Barrett, Emmett Webb and Dwayne Hansford. All 3 were present. Dawn also introduced current and former officers and directors. 

Brian Pierce read the secretary’s report from the 4th quarter meeting. Corrections were made to the location of the Randolph County show and the 2020 winter convention is in North Carolina. A motion to accept the minutes as amended was made by Dan Flanagan and Emmett Webb seconded. The motion carried.

 Jim Yoars distributed copies of the treasurer’s report. With no objections, Randy Barrett moved to accept the report. Ben Chestnut seconded and the motion carried. 

Emmett Webb reported on chapter and national membership. Chapter 7 currently has 195 members. We gained 7 new members last year. The national organization has 7,292 members. The newest chapter, 45, has been assigned to the UK and France and already has 405 members. 

Emmett also gave an update on the website. We still need articles and for sale/wanted items. There was a discussion on how long to leave items on the website. No decision was made and it will be at the discretion of the webmaster. 

Articles are also needed for the newsletter. Roger Krentscher will be continuing a series of articles on the many IH factories and research centers. The national board would like for all chapters to send their newsletters to all other chapter presidents. Dawn will check with Tom and Pam Smith to see if we can send an electronic copy to reduce costs. 

Mark Dieckmann gave a report on the chapter table. The only new item for sale is the new IH book “The Breakup”. It is selling fast. 

Old Business 

Chuck Heck updated the members and guests present on this year’s state show. It will be held June 25-27 in Osgood. There will be music on Friday and Saturday nights. There will be a consignment barn/trading post. As of this time, there are no tractor pulls scheduled, but that could change. There are a few camping spots left and golf cart registration is $5. 

Chapter 7 will be hosting the 2021 national auction at Ted Everett’s facility in Monrovia. The weekend we planned to conduct the auction coincides with the national FFA convention in Indianapolis. Due to hotel rooms being in short supply, Emmett Webb moved to change the dates to November 5-6, 2021. Brad Craft seconded and the motion carried. Randy Barrett will check with Ted to make sure these dates will work. We will need help with advertising, consignments and ring men the days of the auction. A food vendor will also need to be secured. 

We are still looking for a host for our third quarter meeting. Greg Hughes has offered his home. He lives near Lagrange. The date would be Saturday August 15th. Norm Jackson moved to go to Greg’s for our meeting. Jim Yoars seconded and the motion carried. 

We also need a host for our 2020 plow day. The requirements to host are that it must be during the fourth quarter and there needs to be a minimum of 40 acres.

 A follow-up to Chapter 33’s donation to Riley Hospital was given by Dawn. They began with a goal of $10,000. They ended up with total donations of $33,333.33. Mark and Dawn were invited to the presentation of the check from Chapter 33 to Riley Hospital. 

New Business 

Presentations from three clubs were made to determine the host for the 2021 state show. The 3 presentations were made by the Johnson County Antique Machinery Club, the Randolph County Antique Club and the Mid-America Threshing and Antique Show in Tipton. Ballots were handed out and after counting the votes, the 2021 state show will be hosted by the Johnson County Antique Machinery Club in Edinburgh on June 17-20, 2021. 

Since the show in Tipton would fall in the third quarter of 2021, Neil Michel moved to have our third quarter meeting there. Randy Barrett seconded and the motion passed. The dates for their show will be August 12-15, 2021. 

The White River Valley club in Elnora expressed interest in hosting the 2022 state show. A motion and second was made by Jim Yoars and Norm Jackson. The motion passed. The dates will be September 8-11, 2022. 

Mark Dieckmann made a proposal for the Pioneer Engineer Club in Rushville to host the 2023 state show. The Farmall Regular would be the feature. The dates would be August 3-6, 2023. Emmett Webb moved to have them host us. Jim Yoars seconded and the motion passed. 

Randy Barrett made a motion to donate $1,000 to the IH archives. Charlie Craft seconded and the motion passed. 

Randy Barrett informed those in attendance of an upcoming auction in Hendricks County conducted by Ted Everett that will be ran similar to our national auction. 

At 2:30 pm, Ben Chestnut moved to adjourn. George Scherb seconded and the motion carried. 

Submitted by, Brian Pierce, secretary